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Mindfulness for burning cities and viral pandemics

  • Introduces a novel mindfulness technique suitable for the pandemic era, and clarifies this stuff isn’t made for or by fruitarian hippies roaming in a yoga paradise.

How to decline a handshake

  • A small post on ideas about what it says in the title.

123 techniques for self-management

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Changing something while not making it worse: 7 rules of thumb

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Antihauras elämä

  • Esittelee henkisen kriisinkestävyyden kannalta korvaamattoman antihaurauden käsitteen, kaksi siihen liittyvää perussääntöä sekä joitain sovelluksia liikunnan, ruokavalion ja mielenterveyden yhteydessä.

Muutostekniikat: Motivaatio on tietolähde

  • Jos omaa motivaatiotaan ei kuuntele, voi huomaamattaan ajelehtia paikkaan, josta on vaikea soutaa pois. Kirjoitus esittelee motivaation kuuntelemisen tekniikan.

Muutostekniikat: Mitä haluan muuttaa?

  • Esittelee, kuinka itsensä johtamisen tekniikoiden kanssa pääsee alkuun.

123 tek­niik­kaa itsensä johtamiseen

  • Esittelee tutkimuksen, joka kokosi yhteen eri aloilta löytyneet tekniikat oman motivaation ja käyttäytymisen johtamiseen.

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In this post, I collate some phrases and gestures for declining a handshake. If you want to contribute, let me know and we can work in this document! (document includes inspiration for messages to organisations.) If you’re looking for a more sciency post, see the BMJ blog here. For a background as to why this situation is different from the past, see end of this post or my post about latern专业破解版安卓最新版 here. In addition, 蓝1灯破解版百度云s a post for stopping face touching.

I have to reluctantly admit, that the first battle against Coronavirus has been lost by Finland – and practically everyone else. Having had shut down incoming travel, we could have retained complete freedom of movement within the country, but that ship has sailed now. The second battle takes place within organisations and private persons. Isolation is the best remedy here, but sometimes we’re forced to take meetings, for which the first-line defence is to avoid handshakes. This can be surprisingly awkward socially. so inspiration for ways to decline a handshake follow.

In order for these to work, you need to pick one or come up with your own, and practice it beforehand so it’s your first reaction when someone offers their hand!

Unexpected consequence of an experiment to reduce face touching; if you have the guts to paint your hand, people who see it instinctively avoid touching 🙂


“Sorry, I quit handshakes for the influenza season”

  • (Finnish: Sori, lopetin kättelyn tämän influenssakauden ajaksi)

“Sorry, I have an immuno-compromised family member”

  • (Finnish: Pahoittelut, minulla on riskiryhmään kuuluva läheinen)

“I’m learning to avoid handshakes, let’s try [alternative, e.g. fist bump] instead!”

  • (Finnish: Opettelen välttämään kättelyitä; koitetaan [vaihtoehto, esim. kyynärpää] sen sijaan!) 

“I made a pact [or: I’m taking part in a challenge] with my friends to quit handshakes!” — Credit Paavo Hietanen

  • (Finnish: “Meillä on kavereiden kaa tällanen juttu sovittu, ettei kätellä kuukauteen ketään”)


  • When a person offers their hand, don’t grab it but playfully pretend-shake the air in front of it.
  • Smile and raise your hands in the air, say e.g. “It’s influenza time, I don’t want to risk you!”
  • If all else fails, pivot to a forearm handshake!

Figures / clips

  • The Wuhan shake
  • Handshake alternatives poster
  • The Vulcan salute


– Website collating easily digestible high-quality information from the New England Complex Systems Institute (who are specialists in pandemics).

– Podcast which tells you much of what you need to know about complexity in the context of the pandemic: iTunes, Spotify,蓝1灯破解版百度云.